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i really enjoy the hell out of this. will’s kids.


They all look JUST like him


Jaden is slaying. Look at that arm lmao!!

I’ve reblogged this hundreds of times lmao

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Nicki Minaj and the phrase “bad bitch”

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Little Mix Editing Challenge
↳Favorite sismance: Lerrie.

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omg Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez sex tape just leaked and there’s already gifs?! xD

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I just got clued in to Marina’s tweet about Nicki, which. Sigh.

I don’t know enough about Marina to care more than on a superficial level. I enjoy her music. I enjoy her aesthetic. (She is very similar to Lana del Rey with me.) It is just super frustrating to see ppl — especially white artists and/or critics — slamming Nicki for doing the same thing her white counterparts are doing. Nicki taking on a wild personality? Been done. Changing the way she makes music to be more “mainstream”? Done many, many times by many, many artists and bands.

Like, I think Nicki Minaj is interesting as hell as a black woman in the pop industry making it. I don’t even like half the shit she does, but I refuse to believe that most of these complaints aren’t racialized in some capacity.

how did this turn into a race thing lol

God, I am SO fucking sick of people pulling the whole “not everything is about race”, “how the fuck is that racist?!” and “how did this turn into a race thing lol” bullshit. I’ve super duper had it with your trivializing, limited ideas of racism that work to silence PoC, paint us as irrational and normalize attacks on us. Racism isn’t just about hate crimes and shitty slurs. Racism is a system that thrives off of microaggressions and double standards exactly like the one outlined above.

First of all: where do people come off telling PoC’s that their experiences and reactions to racism are invalid? Do you understand the histories of violence, erasure and trauma that PoC carry around? The daily exposure to white supremacy that tends to make us hyper-aware of racism when it’s occurring?

Secondly: you know how this is a race thing? It’s a race thing because Nicki Minaj is constantly blasted for being “ratchet” and “ghetto” and “unbearable” while the white celebs who wear flashy outfits, bright hair, fake lashes and long nails are much more likely to be looked at as quirky, daring, avant-garde and ahead of the curve. (Katy Perry.) Nicki Minaj is blasted for being unapologetic (“she’s so annoying!”) while the white women in her shoes are praised for being brave and outspoken. (Katy Perry.) For every person who likes Nicki Minaj, there’s ten that treat her like a caricature made up of racial stereotypes who just needs to “shut the fuck up”.

Because of course: there’s a RIGHT way to be a woman of colour as dictated by dominant culture, and if you stray from that (i.e. if you don’t adopt whiteness enough) then you can be prepared to be ripped apart for it.

It’s respectability politics, plain and simple. And considering the abovementioned context of how Nicki Minaj has been treated since she broke out in the industry, Marina — someone who has built much of her image on fucking up your narrow ideas of what it is to be a woman — calling Nicki “unbearable” without any further explanation can immediately be interpreted as a “race thing” for us PoC who have seen the incredibly shitty different standard that Nicki Minaj has been held to as a WoC.